Become a Channel Partner

The Viewpoint Partner Program provides you with the contacts, technical support and tools that allow you to engineer client and end user security solutions, provide complete system integration and expand market presence.


Viewpoint offers a straightforward and powerful program built to expand security services utilizing either existing or new video systems combined with audio, monitored by a state-of-the-art operations center utilizing custom scripts and procedures.



Increase your revenue potential with next generation video guard services NEW RMR.

Improve your competitive differentiation with unique security solution UNIQUE SERVICE.

Work seamlessly with sales, marketing and technical support 24/7 UNSURPASSED SUPPORT.

Viewpoint Partner Clients enjoy dramatic savings by replacing or augmenting security guard services. These savings justify their electronic surveillance investment which allows Viewpoint Partners not only additional CCTV installations but required audio installations as well. The Viewpoint Program frequently provides a one year ROI on a complete Voice Video System (VVS).


  • Viewpoint Partner Clients realize the VALUE of their security investment with our UNIQUE:
  • Proactive, regularly scheduled video tours with voice.
  • 24-hour video security monitoring, verification and response.
  • Crisis Intervention.
  • Post-incident video retrieval and review.
  • Video verified access control.
  • Burglary, motion and alarm integration.
  • On demand video chaperoning for employees or customers.
  • “Voice-down” announcements to create awareness and discourage fraud.
  • E-Concierge, interactive parking lot and campus blue light integration.
  • Detailed Reporting.


Viewpoint Voice Video System (VVS) services are estimated per application using a formula calculating the approximate time required to perform a remote video patrol. An estimating tool is available to provide a preliminary estimate of these services. Additional services including entrance video verification, eConcierge services, interactive kiosk or call center services factor into the monthly service commitment to deliver fair and competitive pricing. Many clients choose to utilize Viewpoint’s PAYG (pay as you go) Program. Whether video verification, crisis intervention only, or services required solely for seasonal or event driven durations, PAYG is scaleable, and is often a real budget problem solving solution.



Multi-site clients from Viewpoint’s first years of business have had new systems installed and maintained by Viewpoint Partners. In addition, Viewpoint directly markets to industries not traditionally serviced by our Partners, i.e. Automatic Merchandising Vendors, On-Premise Laundry Providers. Whether the system has been installed by a non-partner, or requested by Viewpoint directly, Viewpoint Partners will receive preferred status in any required installation work. Partners may request exclusive rights of Viewpoint services for existing customers which Viewpoint, if approved, will honor. Partner Integrators may choose to simply refer opportunities or clients to Viewpoint and remove themselves entirely from the sales process. Partners who choose this route can simply complete the referral form online or email the referral sheet to Viewpoint to receive the Referral Commission.