Eyes in the sky, boots on the ground

Combining the power of video monitoring with a professional guard company is one blended solution that is becoming more prevalent and one that already has a tremendous track-record of success.


As two components of a security plan, remote video monitoring and security officers complement one another perfectly, each enhancing the other’s strengths and helping to address potential weaknesses within the overall strategy.

In many cases, the motivation to combine officers and remote video monitoring is financial. People do it to save money, but most of the time they find out that it actually provides a better solution. We’ve often used the phrase, Eyes in the Sky, Boots on the Ground to describe the strategy.

Officers can offload certain tasks – watching cameras, handling access control, and answering emergency calls, as a few examples – to a monitoring command center. Monitoring agents can serve as an officer’s “eyes in the sky,” providing virtual back-up, and handling police dispatch calls if required. Repurposing these tasks to a command center frees up the officer to respond to incidents, serve as liaison with law enforcement, coordinate emergency responses, and provide the “human element” that’s critical in any blended solution security plan.

Viewpoint would welcome partnership with security guard companies. We have many instances in which partnership would benefit our customers and of course, in return you’ll benefit from being able to offer our services as part of any solution that you are engineering for a client. This will contribute to making any blended solution best-of-breed and will increase efficiency as well as save the client cost.